They Actually Came in Peace: First Confirmed Alien Race

This week was a ground breaking day for us human beings. Yesterday on Wednesday  October 21, 1961 Earth finally had one of it’s greatest questions finally answered, is there intelligent life outside of our planet? Well the answer to that question is yes, there is, and they were a lot closer than we thought. Yesterday evening around 6 pm we were visited by a different species of Life called the Annunaki. They reside on a hidden moon that we never even knew existed about 400 miles off of Urium a giant water planet on the outtermost ring of our solar system. They entered sight of earth three weeks prior in a planet size sphere that made no noise, gave off no emissions and for a few days it wasn’t even visible.  For those who did not see yesterday’s live broadcast of the off boarding of the Annunaki, I will do my best to describe what the Annunaki look like. They as a whole look very similar to us as far as body shapes and forms go. Their average height seems to be that of 7 ft. Their heads seem to be about 30% larger than ours. They have different skin tones ranging from light brown to an almost transparent gray. Some have hair, a long with facial hair, two eyes a  mouth and nostrils that allow for nasal passage. But it’s how they use there senses is what is so different.

The Annunaki have amazing capabilities to translate and communicate with any language type that could possibly be spoken by any form of cognitive creation. This ability comes from their common knowledge of languages not from around the world but from around the Galaxy. Apparently they are very insightful beings that enjoy studying other species cultures and customs.  Fortunately for us they have not come to “Lead us to our graves.” As Vice President Johnson has predicted but to help show us the true meaning to existence and how to genuinely work together as a people. They claim to have known about earth for far longer than us humans have been inhabitants but they can not answer our question about creation itself, which is something we definitely thought they would know. They too have their own theories and spiritualities.

The Annunaki have warned of dramatically changing climates here on earth that are killing us and diluting space outside of our atmosphere. High usage of nuclear matter has been ripping holes in our ozone for years now. What we weren’t aware of was how our pollution is now actually affecting planets near us. The Annunaki has stated that there will be reform wether we agree to accept or not. Is this a threat? Probably, but do we really want to argue with an alien species over something we know we need and clearly don’t know much about? No, I’d definitely say not.

The Annunaki Gave a speech at the Los Angeles Colosseum introduced by President John F Kennedy Yesterday just hours after the off boarding of the Annunaki’s head representatives here on Earth. Over the next few months we will be exchanging civilians to get a better connection and understanding of each others ways. Could this be the end of mankind as we know it? Possibly, but being an optimist I’d like to believe that this will forever reshape the course of our futures and change man kind for eternity.

For more information on what’s expected to come visit


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