Exploring Emotions: Chaos Theory: A love story

*phone rings*

Luis: Hey baby whats up? I feel like I haven’t heard your voice in forever I needed it!

Maddie: Hey Luis I just wanted to let you know I cant hang out tonight my moms trippin and she wont let me go out.

Luis: Um OK, that sucks but it’s cool. Hows your night goi…

*gets cut off*

Maddie: Actually I can’t really talk right now but I’ll call you later tonight, OK?

Luis: Oh OK, well yea I’ll be around.

2 hours goes by

*Luis gets a call from his long term and childhood friend Jason*

Luis: Hello!

Jason: Hey whats up Luis what are you up too?

Luis: Nothing much man just chillin, tonight has been super boring.

Jason: Are you going to Liam’s party tonight?

Luis:No I wasn’t planning on it, I had originally planned to hang out with Maddie tonight but she kinda bailed on me. I guess her moms being a real bitch, but whatever, you going?

Jason: Yea man I’m going so if you want to meet up with me just hit me up. How are you and Maddie doing anyways isn’t your anniversary coming up soon?

Luis: Yea next weekend. 7 fucking years dude! But honestly she has been acting pretty strange man, shes very short with me and she keeps bailing on me using her mom as an excuse, I’m getting a little worried that shes either mad at me or just not into our relationship anymore. What do you think?

Jason: Honestly whenever I spoke with her she seemed fine, I ran into her and bobby the other day at the mall and she was acting pretty normal.

Luis: Wait what? She was at the mall with bobby?

Jason: Yea man I figured you knew?

Luis: What day?

Jason: last Wednesday.

Luis: What the fuck! That was the day she said her mom was making her stay home to watch her little sister. Were they by themselves?

Jason: From what I could see, yea it was just them. I honestly didn’t think anything was weird because I always see them hanging out I just thought they were friends.

Luis: Yea me too… Well thanks for letting me know. I’m going to call you later, have fun at the party Ill let you know if I go.

Jason: For sure man, take it easy try not to trip over it, I’m sure it’s nothing, you two have been together forever now and I doubt she would do some shit like that.

Luis: Yea I know man, thanks again for letting me know.

*Hangs up*

3 hours goes by

Luis sat around around thinking of all the reasons why Maddie would have lied to him about having to stay home, and instead be at the mall with bobby. Nervously anticipating her call back that she had promised earlier that day, he paced his room scrambling his mind to give himself a logical answer.

Luis thoughts: Its just the mall, it’s not like they went and saw a movie or went to dinner they just went shopping that’s no big deal. is it? Why didn’t she just tell me?

After a few hours of no call back from Maddie, Luis starts to get to anxious, thinking about all of the possibilities considering shes already lied to him once about this same thing.

Luis calls Maddie three times but no answer

To get his mind off of the situation at hand Luis calls his friend Jason back but Jason doesn’t answer.

Luis: Fuck it I’m going to Liam’s, I can’t just sit here and drive myself crazy over this.

Luis pulls up outside of Liam’s and hears loud music blasting from the back yard, he enters in from the front door and is instantly greeted by some fellow classmates.

Friend 1: Oh shit, whats good Luis!

Friend 2: Hey man you made it!

Luis: Yea, Hey whats up! How are you guys doing? Hey have any of you seen Jason.

Friend 1: Yea when I first got here, but I haven’t seen him since. But hey Maddie is in the back yard I was just back there with her. I think shes with some dude though.

Luis: What the fuck? Are you serious?

Friend 1: Yea, right back there man.

Luis storms through the living room through the back room and out into back yard


Maddie: Oh shit!

Luis: What the fuck are you doing here!?

Maddie: listen Luis..

Luis: You fucking lied to me, you said..

Maddie: Luis I’m sorry, I knew you would flip out if I told you I wanted to just come to the party without you and have a night with my friends.

Luis: I wouldn’t have cared at all!

Maddie: Look at you, you’re screaming in my face over it.

Luis: Because you lied to me Maddie! Because you fucking lied! Jason told me you were with bobby at the fucking mall too, what the hell is that about? It was the day you said your mom made you stay home to babysit.

Maddie: Look i shouldn’t have lied but..

Luis: I really don’t want to hear your excuses. Ever since you started working at the restaurant with bobby I constantly hear strange things about you two. Are you fucking cheating on me?

Jason pushes through crowd.

Jason: LUIS!.. LUIS! What are you doing man.

Luis: Hold up Jason, I’m not walking away from this one I want the truth Maddie.

*Maddie smirks and looks down with anger*

Maddie: Ohhh! You think you have it figured out don’t you Luis. Just like how you always thought you had me summed up, and that you could always predict what I was going to do next. Well guess what dip shit, Ive been sleeping with Jason for the past 3 months!

*Everyone quietly stares*

*Jason takes a few steps back, while Luis Slowly turns to Jason*

Luis: Are you fucking kidding me

Luis says in surprise and disgust

Jason: Listen man..

Luis: Shut the fuck up

Jason: You guys were bound to break up anyways!

*Jason starts walking backward as Luis approaches with clenched fists.*

Luis: You sick fuck!!

Luis: I could fucking kill you!

*Luis pounces upon Jason and starts beating him intensely upon his face, Luis sees red as he blanks out and continues to assault Jason*

Maddie: Stop! Stop Luis!

Party Guests: Stop!

Fading blurbs: Call The fucking cops!

Voices ring around Luis’s head as he fades between reality and rage. As He starts to come back too he hears a deep voice burst into his head.


*Luis suddenly gets pulled off of Jason and gets slammed back into the floor with his arms locked behind his back.*

distant voice: OH SHIT! I think he k…

*Luis slowly fades out of consciousness and everything goes black.*

4 Hours later Luis slowly awakes to the sound of constant ringing that seemed to be coming from nowhere. As he comes to his wits he realizes that he is not it his room but in a jail cell with two other men who looked rather criminal.

*Luis awakes and jumps back pushing himself into a corner*

Luis: Where am I?

Criminal 1: HA! You’re in LaBerge County jail son.

Luis: What the fuck happened to me? Why am i here?

Criminal 2: We Don’t fuckin know, you tell us! When they dragged you in here you were knocked the fuck out.

*Luis shoves his face to the cell bars and starts calling for help*

Officer: Hey quit screaming your damn screamin!

*Police officer walks over to Luis and slaps his hands off of the cell bars.*

Officer: Boy you just got yourself into some shit!

Luis: What was I arrested for?

Officer: Well we were called to break up a fight but by the time we got there only one guy was still fighting.

Luis: What the fuck are you talking about?

Officer: The boy YOU beat on last night spent about 2 hours in St.Terese Hospital before dying of over blunt head trauma.

Luis stares blankly as the information this police office just gave him slowly finds its place into Luis’s mind. As it starts to sit, Luis’s eyes started to water, his throat dried and he suddenly lost all feeling in his body

Officer: You will be detained here until your court appearance in seven days. An Attorney will be by tomorrow to start discussing your case. You get one phone call in about 2 hours.

Luis: But…

Officer: I’m sorry kid… Life can be fucked sometimes. Wrong place at the wrong time. It can happen to anybody.

*Luis blankly stares at the floor with the cell bars blurred into his peripherals.*

Narrator: Luis now realizes that his cheating girlfriend is no longer as big an issue as the one he just found himself in. All at once he faces the good the bad and the ugly of life. In a matter of hours Luis went from being a normal college student with some girl problems to a criminal who is about to be tried for Aggravated Murder. He must now learn to deal with the consequences of death, but sometimes thats just life.

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