My Obituary

Christopher O’Neill

DOB: 10-21-1993

DOD: 10-21-2083

Christopher O’Neill passed from one life to another at his home in San Francisco California at 90 years of age. Natural causes took him in the night just how he always wanted. “I Live an exciting life so i want my death to be boring” was a quote he always snickered at form one of his favorite television program Game of Thrones. He was a son a father and a grand father. He was an artist a thinker and a dreamer. He was loved deeply by his mother and father Maria and Joseph O’Neill while they still walked this earth. After their passing he raised a family of his own. He and his wife Brielle O’Neill gave birth to 3 children who in his words “made him more proud that any accomplishment he had ever achieved.” He loved his wife and children more than his own life. He raised his children to be leading members of society raising a doctor a film director and a writer. His had 5 grandkids who he hopes will take pride in the O’Neill name and peruse total happiness as he once did. Over the years Christopher and his family rescued and raised over 30 diferent pets ranging from dogs to more exotic animals such as monkeys, wild cats and exotic sea creatures. When asked if he feared death his response was ” I don’t fear death, I fear leaving my loved ones in life.” He spent 35 years building his own creative teams and opening design firms across the world all earning profit to be donated to many different causes. He believes his life’s purpose was to help give others the best life possible. But money for Christopher was only a means to helping others. He was selfless and he was spiritual. He always believed that there was a higher being watching down on him keeping him on track, he never really knew who or why but he always held a presence as if he did. A closed casket Funeral will be hosted at the Grace Cathedral on 10-21-2083 at 5:00pm. A more personal ceremony to bury his ashes will be held  just above Dinky Creek California. More info on exact locations can be found at or contact Brielle O’Neill at

“I was never disappointed with life, just the way some chose to live it.” – Christopher O’Neill

Christopher O’Neill 01/05/15 “Don’t let them forget I wasn’t always this old”

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