Voting: A national responsibility

More often than not we hear a lot of people say that they don’t vote for a few understandably good reasons. First ” I’m not into politics.” Second “I just don’t believe it actually affects me.” and lastly ” Who am I to choose someone who will force their policies on someone else.” By Definition Democracy means “Government ran by the people.” So I ask you, thinking ethically, logically and emotionally why would you not want to control your own country and help shape your own kins future.

There is no doubt that voting is both a right that has been earned for you by our past Americans, it is also a privilege that we have become spoiled to. Voting is a right that we need to exercise greatly in order to not have that right taken from you. I’m sure there is a politician with tyrannical agendas who genuinely believes that if the right is not being used, then why even be offered? Great progression can come from electing the correct candidate. Making ethical voting decisions can help promote ethical agendas nationally and possibly internationally, for example: Health care, social benefits, nation protection, foreign policies and foreign aid. If you want change you must first become the change.

Besides voting for ethical reasons there are also many logical reasons why you should vote. For example according to the Washington Post 62% of U.S citizens voted in the 2008 presidential elections. In 2012 that percentage dropped to a frightening low of 58% which is the lowest it has been since 1942 when World War 2 started. This means that our current national pride and civil participation is down to almost half non participation. Every day i hear someone talking about their dissatisfaction with our government, well maybe thats because almost half of our population lets our government do what ever they want.

This may sound a little out of line but sometimes i question whether American Citizens even want to maintain the right to vote. I believe that if given the opportunity your right will be taken if it is not being exercised. Like I mentioned from the beginning Democracy by definition means governed by the people. If you cant vote, you are not part of a democracy you are under rule of a tyrannical government. Now lets take a second to look into the history of America and take a look at what it took to gain these freedoms: The Revolutionary war, total deaths= 4,435; Civil War, total deaths= 140,414 (union); World War One, total deaths= 53,402; World War Two, total deaths= 291,557. Ill just stop there since some of the wars since can be arguable. Whether you agree with the war or war in general we have been fighting since 1775 and have lost 651,031 people from 1775 – 1991 just fighting for this country. There has been approximately 41,892,128 people who participated total. ( all number come from 

To conclude I’ll leave you with this quote and a small message. “I like to see a man who is proud of the place in which he lives, I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.” – Abraham Lincoln. At this point i don’t feel like I’m trying to persuade you as much I am begging you to take pride in where you live, don’t just shrug off issues because you feel there is nothing you can do, always remember you are the neck to the heads of this country. Use your right to vote and help shape this country to be the place you would be proud to call home. I have posted 2 links below the first will help you register to vote in your city, the second link will give you more information on how the voting process works just in case you want a little more background on how your voice is heard.


Register to Vote

How does it work?




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