Captivate Tutorial: How to customize your workspace

This is my Adobe Captivate tutorial on how to customize your workspace in Adobe Illustrator. I hope you all enjoy

They Actually Came in Peace: First Confirmed Alien Race

This week was a ground breaking day for us human beings. Yesterday on Wednesday  October 21, 1961 Earth finally had one of it’s greatest questions finally answered, is there intelligent life outside of our planet? Well the answer to that question is yes, there is, and they were a lot closer than we thought. Yesterday evening around 6 pm we were visited by a different species of Life called the Annunaki. They reside on a hidden moon that we never even knew existed about 400 miles off of Urium a giant water planet on the outtermost ring of our solar system. They entered sight of earth three weeks prior in a planet size sphere that made no noise, gave off no emissions and for a few days it wasn’t even visible.  For those who did not see yesterday’s live broadcast of the off boarding of the Annunaki, I will do my best to describe what the Annunaki look like. They as a whole look very similar to us as far as body shapes and forms go. Their average height seems to be that of 7 ft. Their heads seem to be about 30% larger than ours. They have different skin tones ranging from light brown to an almost transparent gray. Some have hair, a long with facial hair, two eyes a  mouth and nostrils that allow for nasal passage. But it’s how they use there senses is what is so different.

The Annunaki have amazing capabilities to translate and communicate with any language type that could possibly be spoken by any form of cognitive creation. This ability comes from their common knowledge of languages not from around the world but from around the Galaxy. Apparently they are very insightful beings that enjoy studying other species cultures and customs.  Fortunately for us they have not come to “Lead us to our graves.” As Vice President Johnson has predicted but to help show us the true meaning to existence and how to genuinely work together as a people. They claim to have known about earth for far longer than us humans have been inhabitants but they can not answer our question about creation itself, which is something we definitely thought they would know. They too have their own theories and spiritualities.

The Annunaki have warned of dramatically changing climates here on earth that are killing us and diluting space outside of our atmosphere. High usage of nuclear matter has been ripping holes in our ozone for years now. What we weren’t aware of was how our pollution is now actually affecting planets near us. The Annunaki has stated that there will be reform wether we agree to accept or not. Is this a threat? Probably, but do we really want to argue with an alien species over something we know we need and clearly don’t know much about? No, I’d definitely say not.

The Annunaki Gave a speech at the Los Angeles Colosseum introduced by President John F Kennedy Yesterday just hours after the off boarding of the Annunaki’s head representatives here on Earth. Over the next few months we will be exchanging civilians to get a better connection and understanding of each others ways. Could this be the end of mankind as we know it? Possibly, but being an optimist I’d like to believe that this will forever reshape the course of our futures and change man kind for eternity.

For more information on what’s expected to come visit


Exploring Emotions: Chaos Theory: A love story

*phone rings*

Luis: Hey baby whats up? I feel like I haven’t heard your voice in forever I needed it!

Maddie: Hey Luis I just wanted to let you know I cant hang out tonight my moms trippin and she wont let me go out.

Luis: Um OK, that sucks but it’s cool. Hows your night goi…

*gets cut off*

Maddie: Actually I can’t really talk right now but I’ll call you later tonight, OK?

Luis: Oh OK, well yea I’ll be around.

2 hours goes by

*Luis gets a call from his long term and childhood friend Jason*

Luis: Hello!

Jason: Hey whats up Luis what are you up too?

Luis: Nothing much man just chillin, tonight has been super boring.

Jason: Are you going to Liam’s party tonight?

Luis:No I wasn’t planning on it, I had originally planned to hang out with Maddie tonight but she kinda bailed on me. I guess her moms being a real bitch, but whatever, you going?

Jason: Yea man I’m going so if you want to meet up with me just hit me up. How are you and Maddie doing anyways isn’t your anniversary coming up soon?

Luis: Yea next weekend. 7 fucking years dude! But honestly she has been acting pretty strange man, shes very short with me and she keeps bailing on me using her mom as an excuse, I’m getting a little worried that shes either mad at me or just not into our relationship anymore. What do you think?

Jason: Honestly whenever I spoke with her she seemed fine, I ran into her and bobby the other day at the mall and she was acting pretty normal.

Luis: Wait what? She was at the mall with bobby?

Jason: Yea man I figured you knew?

Luis: What day?

Jason: last Wednesday.

Luis: What the fuck! That was the day she said her mom was making her stay home to watch her little sister. Were they by themselves?

Jason: From what I could see, yea it was just them. I honestly didn’t think anything was weird because I always see them hanging out I just thought they were friends.

Luis: Yea me too… Well thanks for letting me know. I’m going to call you later, have fun at the party Ill let you know if I go.

Jason: For sure man, take it easy try not to trip over it, I’m sure it’s nothing, you two have been together forever now and I doubt she would do some shit like that.

Luis: Yea I know man, thanks again for letting me know.

*Hangs up*

3 hours goes by

Luis sat around around thinking of all the reasons why Maddie would have lied to him about having to stay home, and instead be at the mall with bobby. Nervously anticipating her call back that she had promised earlier that day, he paced his room scrambling his mind to give himself a logical answer.

Luis thoughts: Its just the mall, it’s not like they went and saw a movie or went to dinner they just went shopping that’s no big deal. is it? Why didn’t she just tell me?

After a few hours of no call back from Maddie, Luis starts to get to anxious, thinking about all of the possibilities considering shes already lied to him once about this same thing.

Luis calls Maddie three times but no answer

To get his mind off of the situation at hand Luis calls his friend Jason back but Jason doesn’t answer.

Luis: Fuck it I’m going to Liam’s, I can’t just sit here and drive myself crazy over this.

Luis pulls up outside of Liam’s and hears loud music blasting from the back yard, he enters in from the front door and is instantly greeted by some fellow classmates.

Friend 1: Oh shit, whats good Luis!

Friend 2: Hey man you made it!

Luis: Yea, Hey whats up! How are you guys doing? Hey have any of you seen Jason.

Friend 1: Yea when I first got here, but I haven’t seen him since. But hey Maddie is in the back yard I was just back there with her. I think shes with some dude though.

Luis: What the fuck? Are you serious?

Friend 1: Yea, right back there man.

Luis storms through the living room through the back room and out into back yard


Maddie: Oh shit!

Luis: What the fuck are you doing here!?

Maddie: listen Luis..

Luis: You fucking lied to me, you said..

Maddie: Luis I’m sorry, I knew you would flip out if I told you I wanted to just come to the party without you and have a night with my friends.

Luis: I wouldn’t have cared at all!

Maddie: Look at you, you’re screaming in my face over it.

Luis: Because you lied to me Maddie! Because you fucking lied! Jason told me you were with bobby at the fucking mall too, what the hell is that about? It was the day you said your mom made you stay home to babysit.

Maddie: Look i shouldn’t have lied but..

Luis: I really don’t want to hear your excuses. Ever since you started working at the restaurant with bobby I constantly hear strange things about you two. Are you fucking cheating on me?

Jason pushes through crowd.

Jason: LUIS!.. LUIS! What are you doing man.

Luis: Hold up Jason, I’m not walking away from this one I want the truth Maddie.

*Maddie smirks and looks down with anger*

Maddie: Ohhh! You think you have it figured out don’t you Luis. Just like how you always thought you had me summed up, and that you could always predict what I was going to do next. Well guess what dip shit, Ive been sleeping with Jason for the past 3 months!

*Everyone quietly stares*

*Jason takes a few steps back, while Luis Slowly turns to Jason*

Luis: Are you fucking kidding me

Luis says in surprise and disgust

Jason: Listen man..

Luis: Shut the fuck up

Jason: You guys were bound to break up anyways!

*Jason starts walking backward as Luis approaches with clenched fists.*

Luis: You sick fuck!!

Luis: I could fucking kill you!

*Luis pounces upon Jason and starts beating him intensely upon his face, Luis sees red as he blanks out and continues to assault Jason*

Maddie: Stop! Stop Luis!

Party Guests: Stop!

Fading blurbs: Call The fucking cops!

Voices ring around Luis’s head as he fades between reality and rage. As He starts to come back too he hears a deep voice burst into his head.


*Luis suddenly gets pulled off of Jason and gets slammed back into the floor with his arms locked behind his back.*

distant voice: OH SHIT! I think he k…

*Luis slowly fades out of consciousness and everything goes black.*

4 Hours later Luis slowly awakes to the sound of constant ringing that seemed to be coming from nowhere. As he comes to his wits he realizes that he is not it his room but in a jail cell with two other men who looked rather criminal.

*Luis awakes and jumps back pushing himself into a corner*

Luis: Where am I?

Criminal 1: HA! You’re in LaBerge County jail son.

Luis: What the fuck happened to me? Why am i here?

Criminal 2: We Don’t fuckin know, you tell us! When they dragged you in here you were knocked the fuck out.

*Luis shoves his face to the cell bars and starts calling for help*

Officer: Hey quit screaming your damn screamin!

*Police officer walks over to Luis and slaps his hands off of the cell bars.*

Officer: Boy you just got yourself into some shit!

Luis: What was I arrested for?

Officer: Well we were called to break up a fight but by the time we got there only one guy was still fighting.

Luis: What the fuck are you talking about?

Officer: The boy YOU beat on last night spent about 2 hours in St.Terese Hospital before dying of over blunt head trauma.

Luis stares blankly as the information this police office just gave him slowly finds its place into Luis’s mind. As it starts to sit, Luis’s eyes started to water, his throat dried and he suddenly lost all feeling in his body

Officer: You will be detained here until your court appearance in seven days. An Attorney will be by tomorrow to start discussing your case. You get one phone call in about 2 hours.

Luis: But…

Officer: I’m sorry kid… Life can be fucked sometimes. Wrong place at the wrong time. It can happen to anybody.

*Luis blankly stares at the floor with the cell bars blurred into his peripherals.*

Narrator: Luis now realizes that his cheating girlfriend is no longer as big an issue as the one he just found himself in. All at once he faces the good the bad and the ugly of life. In a matter of hours Luis went from being a normal college student with some girl problems to a criminal who is about to be tried for Aggravated Murder. He must now learn to deal with the consequences of death, but sometimes thats just life.

My Obituary

Christopher O’Neill

DOB: 10-21-1993

DOD: 10-21-2083

Christopher O’Neill passed from one life to another at his home in San Francisco California at 90 years of age. Natural causes took him in the night just how he always wanted. “I Live an exciting life so i want my death to be boring” was a quote he always snickered at form one of his favorite television program Game of Thrones. He was a son a father and a grand father. He was an artist a thinker and a dreamer. He was loved deeply by his mother and father Maria and Joseph O’Neill while they still walked this earth. After their passing he raised a family of his own. He and his wife Brielle O’Neill gave birth to 3 children who in his words “made him more proud that any accomplishment he had ever achieved.” He loved his wife and children more than his own life. He raised his children to be leading members of society raising a doctor a film director and a writer. His had 5 grandkids who he hopes will take pride in the O’Neill name and peruse total happiness as he once did. Over the years Christopher and his family rescued and raised over 30 diferent pets ranging from dogs to more exotic animals such as monkeys, wild cats and exotic sea creatures. When asked if he feared death his response was ” I don’t fear death, I fear leaving my loved ones in life.” He spent 35 years building his own creative teams and opening design firms across the world all earning profit to be donated to many different causes. He believes his life’s purpose was to help give others the best life possible. But money for Christopher was only a means to helping others. He was selfless and he was spiritual. He always believed that there was a higher being watching down on him keeping him on track, he never really knew who or why but he always held a presence as if he did. A closed casket Funeral will be hosted at the Grace Cathedral on 10-21-2083 at 5:00pm. A more personal ceremony to bury his ashes will be held  just above Dinky Creek California. More info on exact locations can be found at or contact Brielle O’Neill at

“I was never disappointed with life, just the way some chose to live it.” – Christopher O’Neill

Christopher O’Neill 01/05/15 “Don’t let them forget I wasn’t always this old”

Voting: A national responsibility

More often than not we hear a lot of people say that they don’t vote for a few understandably good reasons. First ” I’m not into politics.” Second “I just don’t believe it actually affects me.” and lastly ” Who am I to choose someone who will force their policies on someone else.” By Definition Democracy means “Government ran by the people.” So I ask you, thinking ethically, logically and emotionally why would you not want to control your own country and help shape your own kins future.

There is no doubt that voting is both a right that has been earned for you by our past Americans, it is also a privilege that we have become spoiled to. Voting is a right that we need to exercise greatly in order to not have that right taken from you. I’m sure there is a politician with tyrannical agendas who genuinely believes that if the right is not being used, then why even be offered? Great progression can come from electing the correct candidate. Making ethical voting decisions can help promote ethical agendas nationally and possibly internationally, for example: Health care, social benefits, nation protection, foreign policies and foreign aid. If you want change you must first become the change.

Besides voting for ethical reasons there are also many logical reasons why you should vote. For example according to the Washington Post 62% of U.S citizens voted in the 2008 presidential elections. In 2012 that percentage dropped to a frightening low of 58% which is the lowest it has been since 1942 when World War 2 started. This means that our current national pride and civil participation is down to almost half non participation. Every day i hear someone talking about their dissatisfaction with our government, well maybe thats because almost half of our population lets our government do what ever they want.

This may sound a little out of line but sometimes i question whether American Citizens even want to maintain the right to vote. I believe that if given the opportunity your right will be taken if it is not being exercised. Like I mentioned from the beginning Democracy by definition means governed by the people. If you cant vote, you are not part of a democracy you are under rule of a tyrannical government. Now lets take a second to look into the history of America and take a look at what it took to gain these freedoms: The Revolutionary war, total deaths= 4,435; Civil War, total deaths= 140,414 (union); World War One, total deaths= 53,402; World War Two, total deaths= 291,557. Ill just stop there since some of the wars since can be arguable. Whether you agree with the war or war in general we have been fighting since 1775 and have lost 651,031 people from 1775 – 1991 just fighting for this country. There has been approximately 41,892,128 people who participated total. ( all number come from 

To conclude I’ll leave you with this quote and a small message. “I like to see a man who is proud of the place in which he lives, I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.” – Abraham Lincoln. At this point i don’t feel like I’m trying to persuade you as much I am begging you to take pride in where you live, don’t just shrug off issues because you feel there is nothing you can do, always remember you are the neck to the heads of this country. Use your right to vote and help shape this country to be the place you would be proud to call home. I have posted 2 links below the first will help you register to vote in your city, the second link will give you more information on how the voting process works just in case you want a little more background on how your voice is heard.


Register to Vote

How does it work?



John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech

To be honest I’m usually not one for Political speeches specially speeches given by politicians, though J.F.K’s Inaugural speech always brings out the social dreamer in me. This idea of humanity becoming equal in all aspects, and really setting a higher standard for the rest of the world. Right before he ends his speech he says two quotes the first quote became very well known here in America, but I want to focus on the second quote which really shows Johns true passion. The first quote is “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country.” (J.F.K ” The Inaugural”) Now that is great, very inspiring but what he says next could be life changing if not earth changing. he says “My fellow Americans ask not what America will do for you but what together we could do for the freedom of man.” (J.F.K ” The Inaugural”) As a human being you should be able to relate on so many different levels. Wouldn’t you want peace amongst all man, woman and human alike. If so than I believe you would get the same joy and satisfaction out of this speech that i got. If you still believe that we are different because of location, religion, skin color or language barrier than you my friend need to really need to break down this speech and understand the importance of Johns words. These words inspired thousands if not millions to change their mindset and follow him into a journey of change and prosperity for humanity not just America. Ive posted a link below please take just a few minutes to see these progressive changes that were introduced almost sixty years ago and still have not been put into full effect. Its time for change if nowhere else let it start here. ” Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us here the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you. With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own.” (J.F.K ” The Inaugural Speech.”)

JFK Inaugural Speech

“The Great Dictator.” Chaplins Plead for change

It seems to me that it’s a little ironic that I am about to try and persuade you to go watch a speech that is trying to persuade you to change the world and create a reality where everyone is treated with equal respect, no man, woman or child goes hungry or cold, innovation is put before hatred and racism is replaced by love. At the end of Charlie Chaplin s (1940) “The Great Dictator” Charlie Chaplin gives a powerful speech that reflects the corruption and greed that rules over humanity. Charlie Chaplin passionately pleads for humanity to acknowledge the corruption and join together in their masses and alter the state of our foreign and domestic policies. If you have lost interest then you are exactly who Charlie Chaplin is speaking to, so I recommend you finish reading this then click the link at the bottom. If i still have your interest than great we are on the same page.

In short, Charlie touches on all aspects of corruption in his modern society that we still see today, if not to an even greater degree. “The way of life can be free and beautiful. But we have lost the way. Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate; has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed.” Sound familiar? It should because this is in reference to you, your family, your neighbor, your teachers and your government. Now you may be sitting there thinking that it doesn’t apply to you, but the sad reality is that it does and we are all guilty of it. I am just as guilty of this as you, so if you crave real change, and desire to be inspired to inspire, then please for the sake of humanity click on the link below. take a few minutes to allow yourself to be inspired. Share the video and inspire others “and in the name of democracy let us unite!”


“The Great Dictator.” – Charlie Chaplin